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The VQ 85DF (Down Firing) is a dedicated two way down-firing Mid/High loudspeaker designed to seamlessly integrate with the VQ full range and VQ MB loudspeakers matching their exact footprint. The down firing configuration allows the VQ 85DF to be tight packed without the need for any complex fly-ware. With a coverage pattern of 80 x 50 degrees, the VQ 85DF will provide even coverage to the areas immediately below the main flown loudspeakers. For full range use the VQ 85DF can also be used along with the VQ MB.


The VQ 85DF can be configured for use in Single or Bi-Amp mode, in conjunction with a suitable digital signal processor (DSP).


The modular design approach allows the sound system designer to create seamless and predictable arrays, or they can be used singly as part of large distributed systems. VQ 85DF addresses the requirement for compact dimensions without compromising performance in any way.


VQ MH elements which are available in various patterns will integrate seamlessly with the VQ 85DF enclosures to facilitate tight pack arrays; the compound angles on the enclosure avoid unsightly spaces between separate cabinets when arrayed horizontally. VQ MB or VS 15DR elements can be added to extend bandwidth and pattern control to lower frequencies.


The VQ 85DF incorporates a unique driver technology to radiate a coherent single point source for superior dispersion control when coupled to a PSW™ (Point Source Waveguide). This advanced design aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers providing a single coherent wavefront emanating from the throat. The PSW™ waveguide achieves an optimum balance of extremely well controlled coverage, smooth frequency response, and natural sound character.


For outdoor applications, weather resistant enclosures which incorporate stainless steel hardware are available.

• “PSW™ Waveguide” - Point source design (Patent applied for).
• Modular Design
• Excellent Phase Coherence
• Perfect time alignment without the associated problems of multi source interference
• Compact Dimensions
• Class leading directivity characteristics
• Extremely high sensitivity, therefore high SPL’s can be achieved with a very modest amount of amplifier power
• Exceptional transient response


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